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Moving is an inherent characteristic of humanity since ancient times; people needed to follow food supply, a better climate, curiosity and opportunities. However, moving nowadays is more complicated and easier in different aspects; and the most difficult thing to consider is if you’re moving to the right direction, the right country and to be sure that you’re making the best decision, by moving.

Several trips may show you a wide panorama to make your decision; by experiencing other cultures, places and climates you’ll figure out how it’s like to live in other countries. Another important thing is that you and your family or friends (if you’re not moving alone) have basic knowledge of portuguese language, if not; to study portuguese in few courses will be pretty helpful.

Moving to Portugal tips

Portugal Tourism

In this article we recommend you Portugal, as a great place to moving, for several reasons we detail following:

Costs and prices of living in Portugal are low compared to other countries, especially in food; people in Portugal can enjoy of fresh food at low prices in a market, one day a week. Even eating out in a restaurant might costs from $ 6.70 (for 1 person in an inexpensive restaurant) to $26.23, a meal for two in a mid-range restaurant. A cappuccino will cost $3.00 and a bottle of water, less than one dollar.
Transportation has low prices also, a one-way ticket can cost you $ 1 and a monthly pass almost $55.41. Public transportation is efficient and cheap.

The official language in Portugal is Portuguese language, but if you don’t know it; it would help some English because the most spoken foreign language in Portugal is English. Portugal is a country with a relatively low crime rate compared to other countries, but it’s important to take precautions.

If you are going to work in Portugal it’s important for you and the company that hires you to have the relevant documentation and permits in order, according to the Portuguese Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. Portugal is also a mix of cultures. The food in Portugal is varied and simple, with two ingredients that dominate all courses: The cod and Portuguese custard tarts. Wines are also popular among locals and tourists.


Languages around the world

Languages around the world

There are more and more language students around the world, and they have several reasons to do it but the main reason is to develop their linguistic skills.