Working as a Portuguese Translator

There are many people who do not know the true meaning of translation and the number of areas in which this can be useful. A common mistake is to confuse two terms Translation and interpreting, which although are very similar, fulfill different functions. Translation is the act of transmitting on written text from one language into another using the written language, while interpreting refers to rendering a message from one language using the spoken language; however both translation and interpreting were especially designed to facilitate the cross-cultural communication that is necessary in today's society.

Language translators are required in almost all areas in the world

Currently, due to the globalization the demand in the translating field is greater than ever before. Language translators are required in almost all areas in the world, so this has greatly contributed that many people consider translation as a profession. As we said earlier, a professional translator can work in many areas, for example: they can provide their services in the government serving as liaison between residents and the government.

However, it is not enough to speak a couple of languages because, as any profession, if you want to work as a translator you must keep in mind that it requires specialized studies and undoubtedly some important requirements that you must meet, such as:

Education Requirements

Most times in some languages like English, bachelor’s degree is often required for jobs, but it is not necessary for other languages.


Fluency in at least two languages and the knowledge of other cultures are necessary, one tip to improve your skills, is for example: in the resume sample download section of any specialized website, you can download these documents and start to translate it.


It’s also an important requirement, like education requirements, most companies hire only the services of people who have worked in the field for 3 to 5 years.


As any other profession, media annual earnings vary according to experience, studies and of course according to your job. However, it is estimated that translators and interpreters earned $40,860 in 2009.

As we can see there is a large variety of opportunities in the translation market, of course there are markets where it will not be difficult to find a job for example Portuguese to English where you will be hired to translate important documents for important companies.