Portuguese Media stuff

Technology, especially the portuguese media is growing by leaps and bounds, every meter you walk there are big TV monitors at sight, everywhere you travel you will hear a potent radio station, and internet has conquered the mind of each inhabitant worldwide. All this emphatic information leads us to think of this sector as a big opportunity to apply on mass media jobs.

Employment in Media Companies

The mass media corporation is a giant field that works with many media resources such as TV, radio, printed media and internet to send different kinds of audiovisual contents. A variety of occupations such as journalism, advertizing, public relations, photography and documentary filming are available in this information Era.

According to statistics the best Media companies to work for are as follows:

  • NBC
  • Discovery Communications
  • Twenty century Fox
  • Sony BMG
  • Hearst Corporation
  • Time Warner
  • MTV Networks
  • Associated Press
  • HBO
  • Disney
  • SPN
  • ABC

Even though many job vacancies on Media Corporation are available nowadays, it is very hard to get in some of them. For this reason, you have to create a special resume in order to stand out from the rest.

Just How Important Are Resume and Cover Letters?

Creating an outstanding resume is not an easy task, however, you can find many resumes for free available on the internet that can teach you some tips on how to write an outstanding document that helps you getting the desired job interview. Furthermore, you can download resumes to have as reference and create the build resume.

A cover letter is also an important tool to get the job interview on mass media corporations, be sure to write and explain what your interests and ambitions are in an appropriate way. Keep in mind that employers check your resume for up to 3 minutes, and so a precise and concise cover letter will be perfect to be hired. Many professional cover letters are posted online so there is no excuse for not making your own cover letter.