Portuguese Literature and Writing Jobs

According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics this writing career can be profitable earning $55,985 per year and pretty quiet because people working in this sector need to think a lot in order to elaborate creative ideas before to write a brilliant articles or phrases.

Portuguese freelance writing jobs

Companies are requiring writers in multimedia technology and self publishing nowadays. However, these job offers are pretty competitive because a lot of competent people want to work in this area.

There are several types of writer jobs in the labor Market that fresh graduates can pursue and work as a writer in different companies or getting a freelance writing jobs.


The professional copywriter is specialized to work in the marketing field; they are the responsible to write interesting articles so as to sell products or services. The principal areas where copywriters can develop their skills are public relations offices, business agencies and advertising.

Novelists and Poets

This is the most creative type of writing job because the novelist put all their imaginations and creativity creating novels, poetry, nonfiction and fiction books in order to entertain and give some culture to the humanity. If the book has the expected successful, the novelist can perceive million of dollars, in addition can win the literature Nobel Prize.



Journalists create content for magazines and WebPages, they elaborate news, reports, chronicles, interviews and much more so as to give information to the citizens.

Play Writers

The professionals in this area use their abilities and capabilities to create scripts for films and Television.


The speechwriters are the responsible to support politicians and companies elaborating smart speeches in order to build a good relationship between subordinates, bosses, leaders and followers.

How to write a cover letter?

Getting a job as a writer sometimes is a difficult task, but having a customized resume and a perfect cover letter is enough to show what you know and what you can do. A concise and precise cover letter is compulsory for employers.

There are different ways to make a letter in internet but there is only three basic points to elaborate a concise cover letter:

  • Put the educational background in a short way.
  • Add all the writing skills and all your writing previous experience.
  • Write a short paragraph explaining the employers why you are the correct person for the position.