Portuguese for Fun

The most interesting attractions in Portuguese destinations are -in Brazil- Ouro Preto, Teatro Amazonas, Fernando de Noronha, Rio Carnival, Amazon River, Christ the Redeemer -in Portugal- Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, Oceanário de Lisboa, Torre de Belém, Convento do Cristo, Torre de Clérigos and many other places that people cannot pass up during their stay.

Fun Resources in Lisbon


Lisbon can be considered one of the most fascinating metropolitan cities in Europe because it has parts of medieval history and modern attractions. Also, it is the global center of politics, fashion, business, and entertainment and so many people visit Lisbon for pleasure or to look for school opportunities.

Don’t lose the opportunity to live an unforgettable adventure.

If people visit Lisbon city for pleasure, they need at least two weeks to walk all over the tourist hot spots. They can use different means of transportations, for example, several people prefer to travel around the city on the mythic Tube or the classic double-decker bus and enjoy a wide range of leisure activities.

Driving in Lisbon

There is a lot to do and many places to see, so some people prefer to rent a car and visit the city by themselves. In these cases, they need to have a valid driver’s license authorized by the Portuguese Government.

People can often attend driving lessons and learn the traffic laws, traffic signals and roadway signs to avoid traffic violations while in the country, and with all this driving knowledge, they can obtain a provisional driver’s license during their stay in Lisbon.




The Portuguese people are, by nature, sports-minded. With their inclination in sports, a lot of sports events are organized annually, specially the golf sport.