Portuguese dictionaries

In this page you can find the best dictionaries about Portuguese language; this will help you to improve your knowledge about Portuguese language.

It makes people wonder and apply themselves how they need to learn new Portuguese terms in order to improve their Portuguese language skills. This reason encourages learners to use dictionaries to learn new Portuguese words every day.

Online dictionaries

There are many Portuguese dictionaries in the market, but one must ensure to buy the right, because there are also low-quality dictionaries in the market. If you enjoy using internet, there are many Portuguese dictionaries online. For example, Ultralingua English-Portuguese Dictionary contains 200.000 articles indexed and http://pt.traduktor.com/dicionario/a almost 20,000 Portuguese words and phrases.

These updated Portuguese languages dictionaries are a contender for your reference shelf. If you’re an intermediate or advanced student of Portuguese looking for a real Portuguese dictionary, there are two of the more impressive items up for grabs.

These dictionaries are packed with features, including:

  • 90,000 words and phrases, with more than 120,000 translations based on Brazilian Portuguese.
  • Hundreds of abbreviations, acronyms, and proper nouns, as well as idioms and grammatical constructions.
  • Portuguese verb conjugation tables.
  • An innovative supplement on life and culture in Brazil, which covers topics ranging from the economy, media, education, and health care to arts and leisure.
  • A comprehensive communications supplement with model letters, faxes, e-mails.